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Small Groups

We have Small Group Ministry so that people who meet during the week can experience authentic relationships on a regular basis with God and each other. Groups have an opportunity to commit to sharing life together, praying for one another, studying Scriptures, serving locally and lovingly challenge one another to grow as they follow Jesus. Some groups are setup for fellowship, activity, or ministry preparation, each having opportunity to connect for Jesus and each other all while transforming lives through:
Being a Caring Community
Through the building of life-giving relationships in the context of community, with an emphasis on the loving nurture and support of one another in the daily challenges of life.
Spiritual Transformation
Ebenezer’s small groups are focused on fostering spiritual growth and discipleship in such a way that people’s lives are transformed into the likeness of Jesus. This happens primarily through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship, and is dependent on the Holy Spirit’s activity in changing hearts.
Compassionate Outreach
In today’s culture, “outreach” has many different meanings, and this core value encompasses two in particular, each carried out with a servant’s heart of kindness and compassion:
Reaching out to others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through words and deeds; sharing the Good News that Jesus came to provide a way to have a relationship with God forever, and Reaching out to our world in practical acts of service in the name of Jesus.